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Design your beard as you want it to fit your face. The CHOI pen can be used to create a dense and presentable beard
Hair transplantation for women is a viable solution for me who suffer from hair loss, or women who want to intensify hair in weak areas
Whether you have a shortage or weakness in eyebrow hair, you can get the desired density, by growing eyebrows
Design your beard as you want it to fit your face. We can use the CHOI pen for a thick and natural looking beard

Why hair transplantation in Hurghada?

The field of hair transplantation in Hurghada attracts thousands of tourists annually, which made the Egyptian state support this field to be not only the cheapest, but also the best in terms of quality and the techniques used.

How long does my trip to Hurghada take?

For European countries, the Gulf, the Middle East and North Africa the journey does not exceed four hours. As for the United States and Canada, the journey takes 12 hours.

How do I move between the hospital and the hotel?

Don't worry, our private driver will meet you at the airport and take you daily between the hospital and the hotel by car. VIP. VIP.

Is it possible to grow hair for women?

Hair transplantation can be done for women. Most of the time, the process does not need shaving hair

Is my condition suitable for hair transplantation?

Everyone is able to do hair transplant. The medical team undertakes all necessary analyzes before the operation to ensure that the expected results are obtained without any error.

Types of anesthesia

In hair transplants, general and local anesthesia is applied by a specialist anesthesiologist.

Are there effects after the operation?

You can return to normal life immediately after hair transplant. Thanks to the latest technology used, the treatment period lasts no more than 4 days max.

When can I see results?

The period for seeing the final result may range from 8 months to a year, depending on the patient's health condition and the extent of care for post-operative instructions.

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