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4 March، 2020
4 March، 2020

-PRP or Platelet rich Plasma is a new technique from you to you..!
-It is done by collecting blood sample from the patient and centrifuging it to separate the plasma rich in platelets from red blood cells and other components in blood sample..Then it is injected in the area needed to be treated..This platelete rich plasama contains cytokines and other important components that activates repair of tissues and the growth of new tissues that gives the youth and beauty appearance.

-Its uses:
1-Treatment of hair fall.
2-Treatment of wrinkles.
3-Rejuvenation and revitalizing the skin.
4-Treatment of dark shadows.
5-Treatment of fine lines in the face.

-Is it safe?
It is safe as the platelet rich plasma of the same person is injected in other there is no probability of refusing the body to it.